Thursday, April 20, 2006

Parent blogs

Are you a wahm, sahm? A parent of a newborn? toddler? or older child?

In addition to our blog of course :)

Here are some recommended blogs to cruise for great information and resources:
BloggingBaby-a compilation of blogs in one by nearly 20 mom bloggers.
BlogForBaby-a free baby blog community for parents to create blogs
Petite Mommy-a blog hosted by contest for moms site owner
Celebrity Baby Blog- everything celebrity about stars and their babies
Mommies With Style- clothing and accessory designs for hip moms and dads
BabyGadget-recommended accessories and clothing for babies
Toddler News-great headlines and topics related to toddlers
Attachment Parenting Blog-the blog for parents who use attachment parenting methods
DaddyTypes- a blog for dads with recommended products and more

While visiting blogs today, I also came across This blog offers a variety of resources from a couple moms. The cooking with kids section offers a few recipes and advice for teaching your child to hlep in the kitchen. These recipes are simple enough for you to try with your two year old. So stop by and check them out or give some recipes a try.

That's all for now!

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