Thursday, May 25, 2006

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Here's just a sample of the products that you will be able to market in June 2006 and beyond:

  • Video iPod Casting - allows you to upload videos to your iPod or mobile video player
  • Videos on cell phones - the ability to create videos from your cell phone and send them to your blog and the ability to create videos from your computer and send them to cell phones.
  • Video Social Networking - look out My Space and Friendster.
  • Ability to upload videos, photos, even music and share them with the World in your new Media Center
  • Video e-mail  - reach 100% of all internet users with a new patented technology
  • New E-mail application that is 10,000 times better than Outlook, Yahoo, Google, or any other e-mail provider
  • Video blogging

Get started today.  Within the next 4 minutes, you will have your own website - to start building your business.   Let's get started.

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