Friday, May 05, 2006

What are your thoughts on the article about teaching toddlers to read?

I reviewed the article about teaching toddlers to read today, posted in our blog under Toddler News.

This article discusses a new dvd that has been released by Dr. Titzer that encourages teaching your child to memorize words and objects so that they can begin learning to read. The parent is then encouraged to follow-up with flash cards to enhance the learning experience.

As a former primary/elementary teacher I find this somewhat non-constructive. Why? Well, I think children, especially toddlers should not be forced into learning a new skill, such as potty training or reading, before they are really ready. If the child is not enjoying themselves in the learning process it will most likely fail. Also, if the child is not interested in the learning process they will not get anything from it. While it sounds great and looks great to have your child learning to read before the age of three it may be counter-productive and create more learning frustrations in your child later in life. We all learned to use the potty, read and write when we were ready. In todays world there are just too many parents and professionals trying to push our children too fast too soon. We need to slow down a little and enjoy our children and let our children enjoy their childhood. The future holds more than enough pressure on them. Sure we want them to get ahead, but this won't necessarily benefit them in the long run especially if they are not interested and not enjoying the activity. Learning should come naturually and when the child is ready.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to send them in or post your thoughts to our parenting forum at Make sure you also visit our "Ask The Teacher" section to help you and your child succeed.

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