Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sickening online PREDATOR statistics

Hi Again Everyone,

Please read these crazy statistics because thank God we
now have a solution and you can help!

1. 77% of youths are contacted by online predators
by age 14, and 22% of children ages 10 to 13 are

2. An alarming 75% of children share personal
information about themselves willingly over the
Internet in exchange for goods and services.

3. One out of five U.S. teens who regularly log
on to the Internet have received a sexual
solicitation or approach over the Internet, 1
in 33 have been aggressively pursued sexually

4. Only 25% of our children will tell a parent
about an encounter with a predator who approached
or solicited sex while on the Internet.

Now here is the amazing news! My good friend Joel
Therien has put a website together called

=====> <=====
Notice: We do not have a set date which KidsSafeLand will return online.
We will update you when we are aware.

Lets get rid of these sick WACKOS, how can you help?

Go to the link above to get a FREE secure chat room
and give it to someone you know who has children
even if you do not have any yourself.

Then, you will get an email from Joel with your own
KidsSafeLand, word of mouth referral link.

Take that link and forward it off to everyone you

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