Monday, March 31, 2008

ProBlogger Launches PayPerTweet

ProBlogger Launches PayPerTweet

What are your thoughts on getting paid to use twitter?

I think it's a great idea for those wanting to make a little money money online. I am not sure how profitable it will be, but it sounds like a good business idea. Others may not like it because of the added advertising posts that will come across.

Like many users on twitter, I joined twitter to network and also to send updates about my sites and blog to my followers. While I don't get to post to twitter as often as I'd like, just like I don't get to blog as often as I'd like, I've found twitter interesting to say the least...since it gives you a little insight into the lives of other entrepreneurs and online marketers. I am still a little confused on the networking and following part since I am fairly new on twitter. It seems that people are more willing to follow than they are to socialize/network.

Anyone else have this experience or any thoughts on getting paid to post on twitter?

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