Thursday, April 03, 2008

Do you Flock?

I recently downloaded the Flock web browser, even though I have been using Firefox pretty happily.

I have been enjoying Firefox and it's features thus far, but if you are not a Firefox user or fan yet, you may want to check out these other two browsers. Now that Flock is no longer in beta I may consider switching over to it permanently since it offers all the benefits of Firefox and has the blogging interface option with rss feeds for your favorites, media, news/site feeds, and social networks. However, Flock is fairly new and many sites do not support it yet. Other more tech savvy users would probably recommend using Safari for faster page loading and stability, however it is not supported by many sites yet either.

Safari 3.1 has been recommended as a faster loading browser and is compatible with mac and pc's running xp and vista. Safari also offers privacy so that users browsing history isn't stored. Safari is not supported on many websites yet. I have not had the opportunity to download and use this yet, but am tempted to check it out more. Safari also offers an RSS reader so that you can view feeds in a page rather than bookmarking. However, Safari doesn't keep track of your windows and tabs in case of a browser or system crash.

Firefox 2.0 is a great browser and becoming more popular for it's security and customizing features and themes. However, it does eat a lot of memory when running-especially when browsing and tabbing several websites. One nice feature is the ability to restore your session if your browser or computer crash for some reason. You can set the browser to open all previous pages you had open or you can just have it open your preferred home page. Firefox is also considered one of the more secure browsers.

Flock is a new browser that uses the same codebase as Firefox, so offers many of the same features. However, one new feature it has is the ability to clip any page you are on and save it to your web clipboard in Flock. This then allows you to view, email, or blog about that page in your browser once you configure your blog account to use Flock. This is a great feature for bloggers who get a lot of their resources and ideas from around the net. Flock is also called the Social Browser since you can link to many of your social networks like twitter, facebook Youtube and Flickr. Since Flock uses the same codebase as Firefox I'm not sure how much memory it sucks up as well. It may also be a large memory user.

I have found that Flock offers the options that I desire most as a work at home entrepreneur. I can easily post to my blog through Flock, add sites to my web clipboard for research and stay up to date on my Twitter and Facebook updates, as well as stay current on the latest news or my favorite sites on the net.

Let me know which browser you use and prefer, why you like it and what you don't like about it.

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