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Recommended Resource Sites to Teach Your Child To Read

In addition to reading with your child to introduce the joy of reading and reading to them at least five minutes a day, here are some recommended resources to help your child learn to read and become a reader, as discussed on MamasTimeOut© talk support show on Sunday, March 30 with Jenny Rich, a former teacher and reading specialist.  In addition, you can find activities to help your child develop reading and writing skills by reading this article Reading and Writing Tips for Parents and Kids.

Teaching your Child to Read

The key to becoming a good reader is an early and varied
exposure to language. What does this mean? Basically, the more you can expose
your child to language, the better. How can you do this? Read aloud to your child every day. This is probably the most important daily activity parents can do in teaching children to read. Reading to children increases their knowledge of the world, their vocabulary, their
familiarity with written language ('book language'), and their interest in

Top Children's Books For Free

Here you will find a variety of children's books that you can read online or
download for free on various genres including the following:

Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888 FlowerFables

Altemus, Henry The
History of Tom Thumb
to which are added the
stories of the Cat and the Mouse and Fire! Fire! Burn stick! Andersen, Hans Christian, Andersen's Fairy Tales

Contents: The emperor's new clothes

-- The swineherd -- The real princess -- The shoes of fortune -- The fir tree
-- The snow queen -- The     
    leap-frog -- The elderbush -- The bell -- The old house
-- The happy family -- The story of a mother -- The false collar -- The shadow
-- The         little match girl -- The
dream of little Tuk -- The naughty boy -- The red shoes.

Andersen, Hans Christian, 1805-1875

Dulac, Edmund, 1882-1953 [Illustrator] Stories
from Hans Andersen

Contents: The snow queen -- The

nightingale -- The real princess -- The garden of paradise -- The mermaid --
The emperor’s new clothes --     The wind’s tale.

You can teach your child to read in 5 minutes a day

  "The Program is based on the idea that humans learn best by
progressive revelation in small increments, i.e., little nibbles. A foundation
for the skill of reading is laid down by interconnecting the separate core
functions of reading: alphabet recognition, letter sound recognition, letter
combination sound recognition, and finally, word and sentence recognition...

Teach a Child to Read

 Dedicated to the thousands of children who need to improve

their reading skills, and to their parents who want to help them succeed.

Free Educational Software - Maps, Learn to Read and

The Reading Lesson - download free phonics lessons

Pre-K Smarties: Parent's resource for preschool
education ...

a preschool education resource for parents teaching preschoolers with
tips for early reading using phonics, parenting articles, family freebies, and
deals on the best educational toys.

Put Reading First -- Parent Guide
Becoming a reader involves the development of important skills, including learning to:

  • use language in conversation
  • listen and respond to stories read alou
  • recognize and name the letters of the alphabet
  • listen to the sounds of spoken language
  • connect sounds to letters to figure out the "code"
    of reading
  • read often so that recognizing words becomes easy and
  • learn and use new words
  • understand what is read
Lesson Tutor: How to Teach Your Child to Read.
Within this website you will find:
  • reproducible free lesson plans, 
  • print ready worksheets for all levels, all abilities and all
    subjects from Pre-school to High School and
  • cross curriculum unit studies 
These learning tools are all FREE for you to print and use for personal or educational purposes. 


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