Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Your Groceries Delivered for Free!

While browsing through Mom's Blogging Carnival, a post by caught my attention. If you are not into grocery shopping each week, try online grocery shopping!

Save money on gas, save time and buy in bulk to shop less often! The perfect solution for the busy mom and household or just about anyone who would rather not grocery shop the traditional way. I will definitely have to check into this and let my husband know about this, as well as my friends and family. now offers more than 22,000 grocery items and they will ship these grocery items to you for free! FREE DELIVERY! Amazon Groceries can provide you with great prices, favorite brands, and a personalized shopping list to make it easier to locate and keep track of items you purchase over time. They even have an extensive selection of NATURAL AND ORGANIC food.

If you have done your grocery shopping online via Amazon or another source, share your thoughts and experiences. Good or bad?

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Great post. I'm a firm believer that any time outside of the grocery store is more time to be able to embrace your "self", your needs, and your passions!

There are a couple of things that I found on amazon that were really really expensive. More so than in the store.

We hate grocery shopping! We stop by 10 blogs everyday and you are one of them today. Have a great Tusday.

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This is so neat. I hadn't heard about it. I will have to check it out. It's definitely not a fun trip when you go to the grocery store.

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