Saturday, May 10, 2008

To vaccinate or not vaccinate that is the question?

I just came across this post on and thought it deserved some discussion.
I know this is a heated topic for many parents these days and obviously disagreements over this issue will arise in homes across the globe. However, in order to get my readers personal feedback I thought it was worth discussing the issue of vaccines here. Please share your thoughts, opinions and experiences, but play nice :) Here's a portion of the post from, click the link to read more...

Denise Richards: argument over vaccinations ended marriage
by Sandy Maple May 10th 2008 1:02PM

When Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen broke up way back when, many speculated that playboy Charlie had been caught doing something he shouldn't have been doing. There may or may not be something to that theory, but according to Denise Richards, the final straw in the relationship had nothing to do with another woman. She says it was an ugly disagreement over vaccinations that made her realize her marriage wasn't going to work.

Denise says that when she decided to vaccinate four-year-old daughter Sam, Charlie accused her of poisoning their child. "I knew when he said that, that the marriage wasn't going to work," she tells Rebook magazine.

Here are my thoughts on this issue:
I can understand the disagreement on this issue. However, feel people are misinformed or non-educated about vaccines. Look at the current measles epidemic growing in AZ recently. There have been over 17 reported cases of children with measles. Those parents chose not to vaccinate and now a disease that was not prevalent is becoming widespread once again. Hopefully they will get it under control, in the end parents need to take into consideration the public responsibility they have when they choose not to vaccinate and also think of the health of their child in the long-term. The benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks. If vaccines were so "poisonous" and harmful why aren't more people dying, getting sick or diagnosed with other problems such as autism? What are your thoughts? Are your children vaccinated, if not why?

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I was perusing your site after you stopped by my site via Mommyfest and I felt the need to comment here.

I completely agree with you. My son had a child with a case of mumps in his class a few weeks ago! MUMPS! I thought the disease had been eradicated, but now any child who has not been immunized is at risk at his school! Crazy!

I know that people believe there are ties to autism, but that has yet to be proven. Also, my son's risk of getting autism from immunizations is lower than his risk of getting typhoid fever if he is not (okay, typhoid may not be a good example...I'm trying to make a point though).

Gotta' say that I agree with you. I'm not for bringing back old, previously-extinct diseases.

Don't be shy leave a comment :)

My kids are older and I'm so glad that immunizations are a thing of the past. I'm mom to two girls. I found you through the MommyFest. I've had so much fun meeting so many others.

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