Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lead exposure in children linked to violent crime

While scanning emails this morning I came across this post stating lead exposure in children is linked to violent crime.

In earlier days people worried about the lead exposure found in paints. Today, many parents fear lead exposure in their children with all of the recent toy recalls with lead paint coming from China.

The first study to follow lead-exposed children from before birth into adulthood has shown that even relatively low levels of lead permanently damage the brain and are linked to higher numbers of arrests, particularly for violent crime.

Earlier studies linking lead to such problems used indirect measures of both lead and criminality, and critics have argued that socioeconomic and other factors may be responsible for the observed effects.

But by measuring blood levels of lead before birth and during the first seven years of life, then correlating the levels with arrest records and brain size, Cincinnati researchers have produced the strongest evidence yet that lead plays a major role in crime. Read More here...

As a concerned parent, I worry about this among many other things. There are so many things we have to worry about and protect our children from in this world that it is enough to drive a mom crazy!

One of the biggest fears I have since becoming a mother is driving. I no longer care to drive much unless I have to. I know this is not an ideal situation, but since I came from a small town with little traffic and now live in the big city, driving scares me. There are so many dangerous drivers out there and you hear so many scary stories about how innocent families, infants, children and adults end up injured or dead due to someone's negligence or because they drove drunk. What is your biggest fear as a mom/parent?

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