Friday, June 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen -13 Reasons I Should Be Sleeping Right Now

  1. Because it's after 2 am
  2. Because morning comes fast.
  3. Because I'm going to be tired tomorrow.
  4. Because my husband wishes I was in bed.
  5. Because my boys are going to wake up soon!
  6. Because I need my beauty rest.
  7. Because I can't think straight right now.
  8. Because tomorrow is going to be another busy day!
  9. Because I won't feel well in the morning.
  10. Because my neck is starting to hurt.
  11. Because I need more sleep.
  12. Because I am losing sleep.
  13. Because the bed is more comfortable than this chair!
This is my second edition for the Thursday Thirteen, and a little late. I didn't have much time to post today due to family being in town. Anyone else find themselves up late at night into the mornings trying to get work done, emails caught up and their blogs updated??
The life of a sahm and wahm is not easy and never ends. I'm more of a night owl than a morning person how about you?

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