Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Powers to Help You Perfect Your Relationships

“Since what others may do to us is
not in our power to change, we need only concern ourselves with what
do to ourselves . . . for this is in our power.”

There is always a moment before a problem
starts with another human being where we realize that what we want is
not going to happen. Ordinarily we'll say the other person is about
to "ruin my day." But there is, for those of us who want to
understand, not only a way for our day not to be ruined, but a way for
us to elevate both ourselves and the other person, or at least give
them the opportunity to change their lives as well our own.

The nature of change has nothing to do
with what another person has done to us. What the other person did presented
us with a moment of grace -- the opportunity for us to see that the
reason this happened is so that we are moved to where we can take the
next step in our life. We can use this painful moment to prove to ourselves
that not only has what we've wanted all along not worked, but there
exists something that if we change what we want, we can begin
to know ourselves at a higher level.

A self-working man or a woman, the person to whom and in whom the Truth
begins to become a living force, cannot have a bad day or a bad relationship.
It's impossible, because everything that happens to that self-working
man or woman is used for the purpose it was created, which is to help
the person discover first the condition they're actually in, and then
to be moved to read it, and to want the understanding that rests above

What happens when we get hurt by another person? We either lash out
in the moment we feel hurt, or we run the other way. Have you ever changed
another human being by lashing out at them or running away from them?
It is not our power to change anyone.
All that happens is the experience
(that is there to bring us understanding) just keeps repeating itself…
over and over again. Our experience always brings us to this moment
of truth where we have the possibility of changing what happens to us.

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