Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who will care for your children if something were to happen to you and your spouse?

While blog hopping today I came across a post by Connie at Brain Foggles discussing some serious a will.


These are my thoughts on this important topic, as commented on Connie's blog...

My husband and I thought about and talked about this before and after each of our sons were born. We still can't figure out or decide who we would want to have take care of our children if something were to God forbid happen to us both. My mom is pretty overwhelmed most of the time caring for my dad who is a lot older then her and in poor health, and she also helps my handicap sister out a lot, even though she is 33, married and lives on her own.

My husbands parents and siblings live so far away, my family would probably be unable to see our sons handicap sister and her husband have their share of problems already and my other two older sisters have other different religious/political beliefs or would rather care of animals then children. My younger brother is single and works hard all the time so I don't think he would want to take care of children.(edited to add)

What a is something we definitely should prepare for, yet dread...even though I don't think my parents ever had a will...anyway...great topic...something to think about... ☺

How many of you have a will? Who will care for your children should something happen to you and your spouse? What are some of the reasons you made your decision?

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This is on my mind a lot too. Both my sons are on the autism spectrum, 12 and 13. I doubt the 13 year old would want to watch his nonverbal sibling. he wants to live alone with cats.

I looked around Legal Zoom, but I really need to learn and grasp what a special needs trust is and start there.

Since I am a home health care worker I obtained life insurance for both my kids and had a hard time finding a company to accept them and the autism dx.

Nice post on a very important subject. My sister is also living with my Mom, Dad passed away a few year ago and sister is blind from a brain tumor and about 40 or so.

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