Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ideas for Parents

For parents, teachers or caregivers seeking positive ways to meet the needs of their children, especially those children who may be acting out or seeking attention.

Here are some great tips I found through a great resource site

Two key factors: TIME and ATTENTION

Sometimes it will be very hard for you to understand why your child has suddenly started to behave differently.

Remember the basics of understanding your child’s development.

It should be no surprise to you, because as soon as your child gets to age one, they have begun to assert their independence.

This age group suddenly discovers that they have enormous power over you and can make you do anything.
Understanding these development stages helps you to manage each stage; this in turn helps your child.
Some children pass through these stages with relative ease but others not so.

What you can do

Provide a warm continuous relationship; this is the first building block to emotional security.

Attending quickly and efficiently to your child’s physical needs will create security and well being.

Lots of hugs and kisses.

Playing and singing, stories and games; in other words give time to your child.


Take time to have fun with your child this can start from the early months of life

As your child gets older and reaches toddler hood, give lots of praise

Notice good behaviour

Take time to listen to your child

Encourage talk time.

Toddlers love attention, they are full of fun - know what to expect.

Get more ideas here:IDEAS FOR YOU

Have a nice day!

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