Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Sites for Children's Resources

The Karma Kids

Today I came across a great resource for children and educators. Each story is beautifully illustrated, along with a great moral to teach about values, such as acceptance, honest, courage and other morals.

On the website you will see a section called DAKS, which are Daily Acts of Kindness. This section and the related pages were created to encourage children to give and share from an early age, and to help you lay good foundations for your child's development of character and civic responsibility.

We will donate 10% of all profits we generate from this project to helping children and animals around the world. For future projects, we hope to raise this number to 100% (please see the ''What We REALLY Do'' pages in the Adults' Section for a more detailed account)

The Tot Spot

Another great resource site for parents I came across is TotSpot. Here parents and families can share their children's birthstory, childhood memories,photos, videos, and create a parent journal about their children, while privately sharing with friends and family. This is also a a unique site that is not only a place to publish a page about your child, but parents can also connect and network with others.

Keep checking back for more recommendations for kids, parents and educators.

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