Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prayers for a Mommy and Her Lil'l Sprout to Violette and Family

I just learned about this story via entrecard dropping on I hope you will visit 'survival of the furriest's" blog and leave your prayers. Her li'l sprout had a fall and past away recently I can't even imagine the heartache they must feel. One of the biggest fears we all have as parents is saying goodbye to our babies too soon.
I was just 'dropping' my cards for the night on entrecard and I stopped by one of my favorite blogs, Daisy the Curly Cat and saw a post pertaining to the loss of a somebody. I thought I was reading wrong but sadly I wasn't. A mommy blogger has lost her baby this weekend.
Baby "Sprout" had a terrible fall on Saturday and did not recover. She passed away on Sunday in her mother's arms. Please stop by and offer some comforting words to Tracey, who has just lost her dear Violette Noelle at Survival of the Furriest and her Godmother Lynne at Darling Millie. Currently, donations are being raised to fly Lynne out for the funeral. If you happen to have anything at all to spare, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for dropping by and deciding to share this post! It was a very sad day when I heard about it and I'm glad that you have shared it also. Thank You!

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