Friday, August 29, 2008

Video Games as A Positive Family Activity-Jayel Gibson-MamasTimeOut© Guest

On Sunday, August 24, 2008 I spoke with Jayel Gibson on MamasTimeOut©, former teacher turned author of "Ancient Mirrors Tales", including her book Damselflies: An Ancient Mirrors Tale which is a fantasy fiction story tweens/teens and adults alike would enjoy. Damselflies is the third book in the four part series. Her newest book "Everneath" is currently the first in a series of fantasy fiction books. Her series of stories are inspired by friend and fellow gamer, Sean W. Anderson.

Jayel shared with me ideas and games that can make video games a positive family activity. One way of doing this is by playing online against your family, such games as War Craft. Of course the game and ability level will vary based on the players and so will the recommended game based on maturity levels.

See Jayel's website for freebies/giveaways and previews of her book Damselflies and her new book Everneath at

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