Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Walter's Pond-Children's Book Review

Recently I had the opportunity to review the wonderful children’s book, Walter's Pond by Bill Farrell. Author Bill Farrell shares a whimsical and creative story, written in verse, which tells about a “true story of three brothers who went fishing for trouble”. The story is an adventure story, as well as instructional in that it teaches children a valuable lesson.

I shared the story with my four-year-old son as soon as it arrived in the mail. He enjoyed the story as it reminded him of his uncle’s plans to take him fishing. Walter’s Pond is a wonderful and cute story, set in the summertime, portraying the mischief three young brothers get into. Walter’s pond is the first in a series of books Bill has written.

The illustrations, by Jenniffer Julich, appear sketched with colors highlighting the main characters and actions on the page. The layout is simple to follow and allows for easy reading. Walter’s Pond is sure to be a hit with your children and grandchildren, especially those between the ages 4-10. Be sure to look out for the remaining series of books including My First Home Run, Ahhhhhh Stew, The Chocolate Easter Bunny Rabbit, and Dead Man’s Curve.

The third of eleven children growing up in the 1950's and 1960's, Bill Farrell lived with his family under a modest roof in rural Connecticut. The out-of-doors provided the writer and his spirited siblings’ year-round adventure. After doing their chores at home, you would usually find them outside playing baseball and basketball or in the woods hiking and fishing.

Stay tuned for our blog interview with Bill Farrell; and learn more about his upcoming series of books, as well as his inspiration and motivation for writing children’s books.

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