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Generation Next--A Savvy Parents Guide To Getting It Right

Tricia Goyer is the author of seven novels, six non-fiction books, and one children’s book.

On Sunday November 2, 2008 I had the opportunity to speak with author, Tricia Goyer on the MamasTimeOut© support show.
Tricia was gracious enough to take some time out of her busy writing/work schedule and hectic family life to call -into the show and discuss Generation X parenting. We discussed several ways todays parents, Generation X parents, those people born between 1965 and 1976 – 1980, raise their children. Todays parents don't want to miss a minute of their child's lives and at the same time hold careers or work from home. Todays parents differ from those of past generations, such as the "Baby Boomers". We also discussed how her book shares ways that we can improve our parenting and selves through God and community. Tricia says her book provides "a glimpse into her heart" as a mother and Gen-X parent.

Tricia mentioned several ways Gen-X parents differ in that they want kids to connect with their dads as well as moms. Dads of today are more inclined to involve themselves in the childcare and family activities than in the past. According to Tricia, after WWII most moms were home with their children and were more like "June Cleaver" moms. Today there are more community resources, and families are spread out more. Then in the 70's and 80's more women started working outside the home and more children became latchkey children, divorce increased as well during this time. Gen-X parents are now doing the opposite of generations before, while combining work and family, working at home and staying at home, along with trying to keep their marriage together and .

Technology advancements have also improved parenting roles and styles because we now have more equipment to make our lives easier and help us save time. Gen-X parents differ greatly from their own parents because they have more community groups available, such as moms groups and they are more globally connected through the Internet. Many moms, like myself, find that connecting with moms globally online helps pass the day while still providing some adult interaction throughout the day while they work at home or stay at home caring for their children.

Gen-X parents can bridge their parenting skills with those of their parents to strengthen family bonds by realizing the importance of including our children in what we're doing, such as cooking together, cleaning, eating together, etc. We should be sure we are not over scheduling our children or ourselves by cutting back on extra-curricular activities and focus on more family time.

Gen-X parents can also involve their parents in their parenting style by sitting down with them privately and requesting that they respect their wishes even when we are not around to parent. Grandparents often allow kids to do more than they are allowed, so it is important that we ask them to respect our parent style, not yell at them or discuss in front of the children, and make an effort to make it a positive experience.

To learn more about what we discussed and Tricia's book, "Generation Next Parenting", please listen to the show and then come back and share some of your comments/ideas regarding your parenting style as a Gen-X parent or as a parent of past generations.

You can learn more about Tricia Goyer and her book, "Generation Next Parenting", at: Tricia Goyer and her blog at

Generation NeXt Parenting


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