Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top 10 Must Follow Twitter Moms and Online Friends

Twitter-2 While on twitter this weekend, one of the nets top twitter people to follow, @problogger, of and, recently sent a tweet via twitter asking people to compile a list of their top ten people to follow on twitter based on niche, such as parenting or moms.

While I find it a difficult task to come up with a single list of people to follow based on niche out of over 1000 followers/friends in various niche's, I have come up with the following list.

Below is a list of my top ten people to follow who are moms and/or online friends and must follows for anyone on twitter who enjoys politics, parenting, latest news and social media hints, tips and tricks. The reasons I selected many of these twitter friends is listed next to their username, (in no particular order), but I mainly follow these twitter friends because they interact with me and other followers, while sharing information I find useful or interesting.

Those who I consider my top must follow twitter friends seem to genuinely care about others, want to know me and/or reply to my tweets. I don't feel like I'm back in high school trying to win over their attention or like I'm trying to be part of some kind of clique. I tweet most often with these followers/friends than anyone else on twitter, but there isn't anyone I won't interact with who follows me and sends a valid reply or offers valuable information.

I reply to all tweets and expect the same courtesy in return. I also follow those who follow me who are not spammers, scammers or don't interact much or have a complete bio. Those who don't reply or exchange tweets with me are less likely to get followed or remain followed. I also retweet a lot of my friends/followers info if it is related to parenting, moms, dads, kids, or any of the above topics and hope others will do the same in return.

Best Twitter Moms or Must Follow Friends:

  1. @aroadretraveled-Simone provides great conversation, support and friendship while also sharing professional travel and cooking videos with a variety of great Chef's.
  2. @homebiss-provides great tips, tricks, gadget and social media news while also answering any questions I have on those topics and is a good friend to have on twitter, who is also a stay at home dad.
  3. @Divapalooza-another great twitter friend and mom blogger, who shares political views, news and links
  4. @luv2shoppe-is another great twitter friend and mom who shares political views, links and thoughts
  5. @marismith-is one of the first people I followed on twitter and learned a lot about twitter and social media sites, such as Facebook. Mari is a must follow and good friend to many on twitter, yet almost always finds the time to tweet back!
  6. @larrymwalkerjr-a great twitter friend who shares a lot of political links and news for the conservative twitter user
  7. @blondeblogger- is a fun mom friend to follow on twitter if you are a night-owl, enjoy sharing music or listening to music via her stream and discussing just about any topic from politics to parenting
  8. @breaktheirbones- is an interesting and knowledgeable political tweeter and dad with lots of thought provoking tweets and links
  9. @amamasblog- is another must follow twitter friend and part-time mom blogger who shares a variety of tweets from parenting to politics while raising sons and working full-time
  10. @homemakerbarbi-is a twitter friend and mom I have met recently, she inspires me with all she does and has accomplished; I hope to learn more about her and gain some tips on becoming a better homemaker
  11. @sugarjones- is another new and fun twitter friend and mom blogger who shares a variety of interesting links, discusses a variety of uncensored topics from politics to parenting

I will add more to this list at a later time, but since it is suppose to be a top 10 list I will end it here. Although I have many others I follow that I find interesting, as a bonus I have added eleven twitter moms and must follow friends on twitter. Of course don't forget to follow me @littlebytesnews to keep up to date on the latest parenting resources, articles, child development, shopping resources, recalls and reviews, along with political tweets/links, world news updates and friendly tweets.☺

Who are some of your favorite twitter friends, moms, dads, etc? What makes someone a favorite twitter friend to you? How many do you follow and why do you follow them? Please share in the comments!

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thanks for the list, I'm going to look into the ones that I am not already following!

I totally agree with you on all the ones I'm following already! LOL! Which there are only two that I hadn't heard of before, but will be following them now. Thanks for the list!

I would add a couple of people on this list because they are generally wonderful people and helpfull in so many different ways.


Oh yea and ME of course! LOL! @wyndsong

Thanks for the other recommendations @wyndsong I wanted to include you too, but was limited to ten and already went over by one! I should get a twitter-blog roll w/all my favorite tweeps listed including @geekmommy. I'll check out the others.
@caryn I'm sure you'll find some twitters worth following ☺

Great list (if I do say so myself. :-) )- there was two people I hadn't heard of before, so I will be following them, and checking out their blogs.

Thanks for including me, and there are so many wonderful like-minded people on Twitter. I'm glad I can meet 2 more of them.

Thank you so much for the place on your top 10 - I really appreciate it!
Homemaker Barbi (Danelle Ice)

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