Wednesday, January 28, 2009

9 Tips for Scheduling Time with Kids When You Work from Home

I found this great article today on Angie's blog at frugal work at home mom talk radio:

Finding time to spend with your kids when you’re working from home can be a challenge. Use these tips from other work-at-home moms (WAHMs) to ensure you’re getting the family time you’d like.9 Tips for Scheduling Time with Kids When You Work from Home, Jan 2009


I am always looking for new ideas and ways to share time with my family and keep my blog and sites up to date. Lately, I have been doing a limited job at both. 

My oldest son goes to pre-school three days a week for about five hours a day, while I am home with my 20 month old during this time. Ideally I would like to get more writing done and my sites updated during this time, however end up tending to his needs more than getting any work done or I  find I have just enough time to microblog on twitter instead

Otherwise, I am up late at night trying to focus on work and find myself too tired to write or work and end up on twitter. While I think twitter is great for networking with others who share your interests, it is still a fairly new concept for marketing. I don't like to use it too much for marketing but do share blog updates or site updates via twitter. This helps me to learn new things, share resources quickly and keep connected while spending bits of time online and taking care of my sons during the week. 

I find that I have the most time to focus on weekends when my husband is home to help care for the boys, however this sometimes takes away from our weekend fun. Managing my time online and with my family are a continuous challenge, yet I am striving to find a way to do both and feel like I am providing value to both.

What are some ways you manage your mommy time, work time and family time? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!


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