Monday, February 09, 2009

All I Wanted Was Children

If you haven't heard the news about the octuplet mom, Nadia, then you have been out of touch. While Nadia's story first brought excitement and thrills to the media and listeners alike, her story has now become controversial and has opened her and her family to public scrutiny and debate.
I don't necessarily agree with her methods of conception and why she did what she did to have children, 'because she always wanted children'. I have to commend her for surviving the pregnancy and successfully bringing these precious little babies into the world. I pray they will all continue to thrive and survive.
Having children is not an easy task with a spouse, I can't even begin to imagine what raising premature octuplets along with her other six children ranging in age from 2 to 7 years old will be like, all while living at home with her parents and planning to return to school to  finish her master's degree. Either she is supermom/superhuman or she is naive to what she is about to take on and is using her pregnancy and now media attention to gain financially.
I can't blame her for seeking the financial support, considering her family is unable to support her and her children financially...however like many the question remains...why did she have so many embryo's implanted at a time when she is not financially independent? She claims she will not support herself and children with welfare, but the help of friends, family and her church and of course new found fame. I think this is great, however to expect it is a bit selfish. One should not plan a family until they are mentally, spiritually and financially able to do so, especially if they are depending on others for housing.
Regardless of what happens, I am grateful she kept all her babies, and did not choose to terminate or dispose of any of her embryo's. I hope she will be successful and able to raise and care for all fourteen of her children. She appears to have a lot of love in her heart. I also hope the father will one day become involved in their lives since she is friends with the donor/father. I pray the negative media and attention she is receiving ends soon, so that her children do not suffer the repercussions and finger pointing as they get older.
How do you feel about this story and do you feel her decision to have so many children out of wedlock was a wise decision?
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