Thursday, February 05, 2009

United Nations' threat: No more parental rights

A United Nations human rights treaty that could prohibit children from being spanked or homeschooled, ban youngsters from facing the death penalty and forbid parents from deciding their families' religion is on America's doorstep, a legal expert warns. The next step in the State raising your child. Other countries that have ratified this treaty have done some pretty terrible things with it. For example, in Belgium, if your child is born and the doctor considers it 'deficient', the doctor can choose to terminate your child without your consent up to the age of 12 months. This is just one example.And the madness continues...every day I read another story like this and find it hard to believe we live in the US. What is becoming of this country and the world when the UN wants to dictate how we raise our kids? How do you feel about this and how much control should our government have over our children?

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