Friday, March 13, 2009

Surveillance video gives missing boy's parents hope

Bullying is a terrible thing that many children face growing up. I am thankful I did not experience it first hand, but I did have a friend who went through it in elementary school. (see bullying) Thankfully she was able to put it behind her and never felt the need to act on it in such a way as this boy did.

The psychological harassment occasionally strayed into a punch or elbow in the head, Mr. Fortin said. The family told school officials dozens of times that their son was facing intolerable abuse, but the bullying carried on.

The head of the local school board said officials did everything they could to calm the bullying. Two students were put in special classes after David disappeared. They were not suspended.

“We don't believe any purpose would be served by penalizing them academically,” √Čric Blackburn, head of the Lac-Saint-Jean school board, told reporters. “These youths will have to answer for their actions.”

Capt. Bouchard said it's too simple to conclude David ran away solely because of bullying. Investigators have not probed deeply into his motivation as they concentrate on finding him, but they say the abuse the boy faced is tolerated by thousands of school kids every day.

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