Sunday, April 05, 2009

From My Mama's Kitchen: Food for the Soul, Recipes for Living-Life's Lessons

Today our guest is Johnny Tan. Johnny Tan recently wrote a new book titled, "From My Mama’s Kitchen" – “food for the soul, recipes for living.” His website can be found at
Originally intended as a cookbook to preserve his (nine) moms’ recipes, it ended up as a keepsake book about his personal relationship with his adopted mom in Malaysia, and with eight other wonderful women whom he refers to as his other “moms” here in the United States.
Over the years Johnny Tan's 'moms' had inadvertently drawn out their natural instinct of being loving, caring, and their desire to make a positive difference in his life. As his so call team of counsel, always looking out for Johnny's best interests, they embraced him unconditionally with their motherly love, and are always available whenever he needs to talk, get some advice, or just to sound off.
Johnny who was adopted at birth in Malaysia came to the US in 1980, where after college he worked in the restaurant industry for 18 yrs, retired from a career as a Chief Operating Officer in 2001 and began his own businesses. His love for Malaysian Batik fabrics helped him launch a second career in the textile industry, where in 2003 he started another company called They Reyna Collection to market Tribal artifacts from Borneo.
Today his collection is comprised of seven major companies and manufactures, including sculptured custom water features and certified 'green' furniture from Brazil. Johnny also enjoys ballroom dancing and is an accomplished ballroom dancer for more than 10 years in LA and TX.
Currently, Johnny resides in Dallas, TX.
Join us to discuss his new book, "From My Mamas Kitchen", as he shares some of life's lessons and "recipes" for living.
Come share how you as moms, and parents, can apply what you learned from your moms to achieve peace and happiness, overcome fear, and how you balance your personal lives? What are your "recipes" for living?
If you are unable to call in leave your comments here, otherwise call in to the live show at 2:30pm MST at 646-595-4516 or login in to our free chatroom to share your questions and thoughts.
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