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Parents Considering Homeschool?


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As a subscriber to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) newsletter, I wanted to share this information to those families who are considering homeschooling as a solution for your children's education.

I subscribed to this informative newsletter a few years ago. This organization provides resources to homeschooling families and legal support to families who want to homeschool but may have met resistance from federal or state laws restricting their rights as parents.

As a teacher and as parents, we have been considering this option in the future for our sons, especially since the option to send them to a private school is pretty slim at this time.  I feel homeschooling would be a great way to take control of our children's education. Parents can now join HSLDA for free through April 30, 2009

According to HSLDA, By becoming an HSLDA member you can help build a stronger coalition for protecting parental rights.  Approved applicants will be granted a free membership good through July 31, 2009. Of course, you will be able to renew for continued benefits after this trial membership period. Join now >>

In addition, HSLDA is offering this free seminar for parents considering homeschooling:

Homeschooling Young Children

Vol. 88, Prg. 31-35
March 30-April 3, 2009
If you have questions about starting homeschool with your young learner, this week’s program has answers! You’ve already taught your toddler so much, why not keep going? HSLDA program coordinator Vicki Bentley offers encouragement and suggestions for how to teach your early learner.

Program Listing:

Click on a program title to listen online and read a transcript

The First Step of Your Homeschooling Journey

When Do I Start?

All About Order

Extra-curriculars for the Littlest Ones

Just for You


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