Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She Could Have Been Your Daughter's Best Friend--Special PSA for Parents

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I received this in an email recently and wanted to share it with you. Please read this important message from Shared Hope International exposing the sex-trafficking epidemic in the US!
You'd like to think of him as evil ... Ugly, scarred, dirty - smirking grin.  Hollow eyes.

You'd like to think of her as bad - knowing, taunting, provocative ... She "had it coming," right?

But here's the awful truthShe's just 13.  She could've been your daughter's best friend.  You know the one - the seventh grader with the long blond hair and pretty smile. 

He's the friendly-looking man who waves from his car.  His ball cap is well-worn; it shouts "all-American guy."

But he's a pimp.  He preys on her innocence - capitalizes on her youth.  And now, she's his victim.  Trapped.  Subject to every sexual whim and fantasy.  Bought and sold at truck stops and on street corners.

I was a member of the United States Congress when I first discovered this sickening epidemic - women and children held against their will in sexual slavery.

But when I began to investigate - and saw the absolutely astonishing scope of the problem I left politics and founded Shared Hope International (SHI).

For almost a decade, SHI has served the world's most destitute - young girls forced into prostitution.  We work diligently around the globe to prevent, rescue, and restore.

No child in the United States of America should ever be taken, used, and destroyed by sexual predators.

Take action with Shared Hope International! Stand and say, "NOT IN MY CITY!"
Reports estimate that 100,000 to 300,000 American children are being used at any one time for commercial sex in the U.S. ... Pornography, prostitution, strip clubs, and other adult venues.

SHI has gained a tough reputation for prompting legal and political reform against trafficking around the world - and we're going to put it increasingly to work here at home.  For the sake of our daughters and granddaughters.

Our domestic strategy is three-fold:
  • Prosecute those who sexually exploit our youth.
  • Protect the vulnerable from the control of the trafficker/pimp.
  • Prevent through public awareness and training of law enforcement officers.
With your help, we will EXPOSE and STOP this ongoing American tragedy. 
Watch the Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking video NOW and take action!  Understand how Shared Hope is fighting sex trafficking across the United States. 
Thank you for not looking away - for being willing to take action to protect your family and your community against the ravages of the commercial sex industry.
Linda Smith Linda SmithLinda Smith
Founder and President
Shared Hope International

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