Friday, October 30, 2009

A Halloween Tale

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An allegory

"What treat would you like?" I asked the two costumed children at my door.

"Thirty-eight thousand, seven hundred fifty-two dollars and sixty-five cents," said the girl.

My hand froze inside the candy jar.

"...Apiece," added the little witch -- literally, she was dressed as a witch, fake mole on her nose and all.

The boy, dressed as a pirate, fiddled with his black eye patch. "Plus interest."

"I...don't understand," I said.

"It's what our parents say we owe on the national debt," the girl -- I'd guess she was about ten -- said. "And that doesn't include ObamaCare."

Her little brother tugged on her cape. "Don't forget Cap-and-Trade, Rachel."

The girl, Rachel, nodded. "Mommy and Daddy say our future is being crippled by an insane national debt."

"Your parents sound like smart people," I said. "But I don't have -- what? Seventy-seven thousand --" I pulled my hand from the candy jar. "How about Reese's Pieces instead?"

Both kids just stared at me.


Rachel crossed her arms and looked at me petulantly.

"Look," I said, "I don't have that kind of money."

"Then why are you letting the government spend it?"

She had me on that one. "How about some candy corn?"

"Come on, Kevin." She took her brother's hand. "Now he's just being insulting."

"But, remember, Mister," she said to me, a dark look crossing her face before they turned and walked away, "they call it trick-or-treat for a reason."

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