Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Help your kids love to learn. FREE workshop Putting the Fun into Home Education

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Terri is a positive mom I follow on twitter, also known as the 'tadahmom'. Terri has contributed to Little Bytes News in the past. Her book, Ignite The Fire!, is available once again by popular demand. It is filled with inspiration for parents to make homeschooling fun with creative ways to teach and encourage your children. I offered to help get the word out because it sounds like a great resource for parents, but also to help Terri spread the word about Terri's book and her situation. Please read below:

Here comes the heart string pull —- As a single mom (Terri) is in the real estate industry, the past two years have been extremely difficult financially for us. Many people in our community have helped with monetary gifts. And those have been so appreciated! There are times we would not have had electricity or even had our rent paid had it not been for the love and support of those in my community (both online and in person). My desire though is to be able to support the kids with my own hands, while still being able to be home with them to continue the foundation that began 18 years ago. If I can get just 100 people to purchase Ignite the Fire I will be able to pay my November rent! Yes, I still owe November rent. :-( I believe in the book I wrote ten years ago. The testimonies I receive about how it has changed the lives of families and freed them to really educate their children have both humbled and encouraged me.

Oh yea…don’t forget to go order your own copy of Ignite the Fire!

Thank you for all your help! Enjoy the book and let me know how it is.

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