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Teen Violence on The Rise

The past month I have highlighted stories on here that have occurred in recent news reports across the country regarding teens who commit adult crimes. The number of them lately is epidemic and outrageous. I question what is going on in society that is leaving teens so callous to commit such heinous crimes. From the gang beating of an honor student in Chicago to the setting on fire of a young boy in Florida to the gang rape of a young female honor student in California, following her homecoming dance, these are just some of the recent incidents reported.

My first conclusion is the lack of fathers in the home.  Children need their fathers, and not just any dad, a real upstanding role model. Someone who works hard for a living, supports his family, spends time with the kids on weekends and after work or at least has some involvement in the child rearing, such as helping with bath time, story time at bedtime or even diaper changes. Father's need to step up and stop leaving everything to mother's. Kid's need to feel loved and appreciated by their father's as well. There are too many children coming from broken homes,where children do not have a father figure to look up to every day and this is a shame. It is becoming a crime against humanity and our entire society.

See the story below where a young teen male is arrested for stuffing a four year old into a dryer after committing a sexual act upon him and then causing the young boy to fall and hit his head, resulting in tears. The teen then panicked and took the young pre-schooler, drowned him in a bathtub and then stuffed him in a dryer thinking the incident 'would go away'.

My biggest question is where were the parents of both of these children?? Why wasn't anyone supervising the four year old and this teen boy? I do not know what time of day this happened, or whether it was after school when the teens parents were at work, but where were the pre-schoolers parents?? Regardless, the teens parents must feel ashamed at least that their son would commit such a crime, but what lead him to feel it was ok for him to treat a young child this way? A lack of love, lack of self-confidence and lack of a male role model? Or lack of religion and common decency?
A 14-year-old with a baby face told investigators he drowned his 4-year-old neighbor in a bathtub then hid the body in a dryer because the child was going to reveal the teen molested him, according to an affidavit released when he appeared in court Wednesday.

Raul Renato Castro, dressed in a purple T-shirt issued at the juvenile jail, appeared emotionless while staring at his hands in Fresno County Superior Court.

He was guarded by five bailiffs and two officers outfitted in paramilitary gear.

"He won't cry, he won't cry, he won't," said a woman who identified herself as his aunt but refused to give her name because she said the family had received death threats. Police could not confirm there had been threats.

Police said searchers found Alex Mercado on Saturday stuffed in the clothes dryer in the small farm town of Mendota.

The affidavit said Castro, a student at Mendota Junior High School, initially told police he knew nothing of the boy's disappearance. When investigators said the boy had been found in the dryer, the teen suggested someone had broken into the house and put him there.

Castro eventually told police he had enticed the dimpled, brown-eyed boy into his house across the street and sodomized him, the affidavit states. He said he killed Mercado after the child fell and hit his head, started crying, then threatened to tell his mother, the document states.

"Castro said he panicked and decided to kill the victim by drowning him in the bathtub," the affidavit says.

The teen, who is 5-feet tall and weighs 170 pounds, put Mercado's body over his shoulder and carried him to the dryer, hoping everything "would go away," the affidavit states.

Castro had been scheduled for arraignment as an adult on charges of first-degree murder, sodomy, child molestation, kidnapping and murder to silence a witness.

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What are your thoughts and concerns about all the recent teen violence? Do you think it is because of a lack of fathers in the home or perhaps a lack of religion or both? A recent movie entitled, "The Boys Are Back," which takes an honest look at the impact a father's presence and absence has on his children, by Roland Warren, president of the National Fatherhood Initiative addresses this topic here as well.

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