Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Connect with Santa Online

Oh you better watch out, you better not pout, you better not cry, I'm telling you why....Santa Claus is coming Online...Thanks to Mashable for sharing these great resources:

  1. last-minute Santa Letters via email available at The site has a form where you enter the child’s name, age, location, how nice they’ve been, and their Christmas wish list. Once sent, an almost instantaneous letter from Santa will appear in your inbox which cleverly incorporates the data provided into a coherent, personalized letter to your little one from the big man himself.
  2. Aimed at younger children who will be susceptible to such trickery, this Santa-themed iPhone app simulates a phone call from the man in red and could have two applications. It can be used to generate some pre-Christmas magic for a child speaking to Santa before the big day, or it may be a handy tool to get naughty kids to behave.

    There are three call options: 1. Santa praises the child for being on the good list with promises of Christmas surprises; 2. Santa issues a verbal warning for bad behavior; and 3. Santa suggests a lump of coal is en route unless they shape up soon. All are delivered in an “upbeat and positive” way, but you might want to pre-screen option three just to be sure you don’t traumatize the little tyke.

  3. Finnish Santa video feed   Santa’s been nothing but professional on this Ustream feed, meeting and greeting kids in his comfortable home at the North Pole ably assisted by a couple of elves. The live webcam broadcasts during office hours, meaning you can tune in from anywhere in the world to see Santa in action between visitors. You’ll have to work out the time difference (it’s GMT+2) to catch Claus at work, but hopefully a live glimpse of Santa doing his thing will be worth it.
  4. It’s an American Christmas tradition that’s gone global thanks to the web. Once a year since the 1950s, the North American Aerospace Defense Command turns its high-tech radar system towards the North Pole and follows Santa’s progress around the world as he delivers his present payload. To really get the kids hyped on Christmas Eve, you can go to the NORAD homepage and then track Santa’s journey thanks to a Google Earth team-up. You can also catch some snaps from the strategically positioned Santa-cams that grab pics of Santa and his reindeer as he makes his way across the night sky. Good luck trying to get the kids off to sleep after that.
  5. Here are a few more places to connect with Santa and get your Christmas and holiday shopping done. Call Santa, or get a personalized video from Santa and find personalized party supplies, gift tags, invitations and stickers, or receive free Santa emails here, and find Christmas printables and activities for kids and parties.
Have any other great resources or sites to share to keep the kids happy during their Christmas vacation and holidays, please share them below in the comments. Thanks!

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