Monday, December 07, 2009

Parents:Tweeting Toddlers Use Twoddler

I came across this via twitter today and thought it was a cute idea, although could have spam implications and other unknown problems on twitter. The video doesn't explain how it works very clearly, but it does look like an interesting idea for parents who want to receive cute pre-written tweets from their toddler.

So you think your baby's all Twitter-ready with that Kickbee while chilling in the womb? Nah, only practice makes perfect, so the folks at Belgium's Hasselt University came up with the Twoddler: a hacked Fisher-Price activity board with buttons linked to predefined Twitter messages. Obsessive parents can put photos of themselves on the buttons, so that whenever those buttons are hit the Twoddler tweets something like "@mommy I miss you." We like this idea, but then again you'll never know if it's just someone else's kids bashing the buttons -- you'll still feel good anyway. Watch some Twoddler action after the break.

Twoddler: Twittering Toddlers from Bart Swennen on Vimeo.



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