Friday, December 04, 2009

Save Aaliyah-Living With a Predator

I came across this site recently and wanted to help get the word out for Aaliyah and her mother. The plea for help appears legitimate, please do what you can to share her story so that it gets the media and public's attention it deserves. Thanks!

Please help.  I would like to ask those of you in California (and elsewhere) to take the time to write emails and letters to the following about this case.

Ask for a REAL investigation into this case of apparent child abuse of Aaliyah Bedwell, a 3 year old child in Placer County, California. Please reference the following in your letters or emails:

-Visit the site SAVEAALIYAH.COM
for more information 

Warning this video is for mature audiences only.

- a video of the child speaking of suspected child molestation called "Daddy's Worm".  Found on and YouTube at or

- copies of sworn statements of witnesses and family members at the Child Protection Community website -
http:/ o

Here is a link to send an inquiry directly to the Crime Victims Services of the California Attorney General’s office. It is the fastest way to ask for help for this child at a state level, including an investigation of judicial malfeasance/misconduct:

Here is the info to contact the Placer County District Attorney that has claimed they do not know what daddy's worm is and claimed children complain about their pee pee's hurting all the time:

Link to the Placer County District Attorney page:

Bradford R. Fenocchio
County District Attorney
10810 Justice Center Drive Suite #240
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 543-8000
(916) 543-2550 fax
Email the department

The DA has been completely useless.

Here is the phone number for the Placer County Child Protection Services : They are completely useless but here is their information anyway.

530-889-7650 Auburn
530-784-6000 Roseville

Here is how you can contact the California Judicial Review Board about the Judges in this case-
this county has a real problem with it’s Judicial system! 

Judge Jeffery Penney
Judge Frances Kearney

Complaints must be submitted in writing. The Commission cannot accept complaints over the telephone or submitted by e-mail.

Commission on Judicial Performance
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
San Francisco, CA 94102

This child needs help, and it only takes a few minutes to write a letter, or send an email, or send a fax. Please, all of you that live in California, make the extra effort to contact these officials. Out of state contacts are also welcome, but politicians pay attention when constituents write!

Please visit http:/, they may be able to help find resources

The unconstitutional restraining order Placer County has placed on Connie Bedwell (Aaliyah's mother), does violate her civil rights to post on the internet, but she is able to speak out. If there are any radio shows or television shows willing and able to help expose the injustice, Please contact us at here at Thank you.


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