Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here's a surprise:Spanking your child is better for them?

Who would have thought with all the new parenting do's and dont's out there you'd hear this. Then again the bible does say something about 'spare the rod, spoil the child'. I am not big on giving my kids spankings, but there are times I feel like there is no other option especially when they are being intentionally defiant. This is usually my breaking point and cue to use spanking as a disciplinary tool. However, as a former teacher, I strive to use rewards or take away priviledges before I resort to spanking.  I leave most of the spanking to my husband; while I try to be the nurturer, the one they come to when they get hurt or sick. This is pretty much what I was accustomed to when I grew up. My mom was the nurturer and my dad was the disciplinarian.
London, Jan 3 : Here's a shocker: Young kids who are smacked by their parents grow up to be more successful than children who're never spanked at all, claims a new study.

Lead researcher Marjorie Gunnoe, professor of psychology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, said: "I think of spanking as a dangerous tool, but there are times when there is a job big enough for a dangerous tool. You just don't use it for all your jobs."

In the study, researchers found that children smacked up to the age of six were likely as teenagers to perform better at school and were more likely to carry out volunteer work and to want to go to university than their peers who had never been physically disciplined, reports The Times.

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What are your thoughts? Do you use spanking as a regular form of discipline, rewards and taking away priviledges or some other form of discipline to teach your children right and wrong?

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