Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daughter bullied at school&sexually harrassed

I came across this awhile back and had it in my draft posts for awhile. What do you think of this video describing what happened to this mother's teen daughter?

Why did Superintendent need to know if her daughter wore a thong or not? What did this have to do with being bullied and sexually harassed by a male classmate?

Mother Faces Charges for Cursing at Principal
Cindy Schwalb says a boy pulled down her 13-year-old daughter's sweatpants in front of other students at Hasbrouck Heights Middle School.

Schwalb says she went to a school board seminar about bullying and got upset when her daughter's case wasn't given the attention she felt it deserved.

Schwalb says she became enraged when the district superintendent starting asking her questions, including one about whether her daughter was wearing a thong.

Superintendent Joseph Luongo says it was a fair question, "I had to find out what body parts were actually revealed."

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