Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Have you shown your support for family&life yet?

The Pro-life group, the Susan B Anthony List has started a letter writing campaign, Block Hard for Tebow, to show Tim Tebow, quarterback and Heissman trophy winner for the Florida Gators, that we are behind him and support his willingness to share his inspiring story of life. 

Here is a brief summary of his story: Tim's mother became very sick during her pregnancy with dysentary while living in the Phillipines as a missionary. Doctors had advised her to have an abortion because the medications she was prescribed could harm the baby. Thankfully, Tim's mother Pam is a devout Christian and chose to continue her pregnancy. 

It takes a strong man to come out and speak about such a controversial topic, although the ad sponsored by Focus on the Family, shares not only the story of his mother's difficult choice but also is meant to emphasize the value of family. The ads theme is centered on "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life." Here is my letter of support. I hope you will join us in supporting this inspiring young man.

Dear Tim,

I appreciate your convictions and dignity to speak for those who can not speak for themselves by sharing your inspiring story with us. I'm not a big sports fan, but am happy to know there are some men in sports with some values and morals. If I had daughters you would be the kind of guy I would want them to date...Since I have sons I hope they grow up to be like you.

You are a positive role model and inspiration for many, especially males who need someone to look up to. Your story is very inspiring and I am thankful your mom chose life and God blessed us all with you. Stay strong and keep sharing your story and strengths with others.

 May God continue to bless you and your family always!
♥Tebow accepting the Heismann Trophy and sharing his beliefs.♥
(this is not the ad, but a video well worth watching more than once!)

I hope you will share your words of support for this humble&inspiring young man and hopefully encourage CBS not to back down on their decision to allow the Focus on the Family ad to run.  I know there are some who are upset because CBS has not allowed ads like this to run in the past, but they have made some recent changes in their policies to allow for this type of controversial ad. What gets me is that companies such as GoDaddy have run sexually exploitative ads in the past and nobody raised a protest such as this. Especially not the groups who are trying to get this ad shut down, like the Women's Media Center and NOW, feminist groups that speaks out on issues defending women's rights and the right to choice. However, these groups are not respecting the rights of the media to choose what they want to air and the rights of free speech, let alone the fact Mrs. Tebow made a choice, and she chose life!

What is so wrong with airing an ad about the value of life and family during a family sporting event?? I would much rather see pro-family, moral ads then half dressed models and celebrities while watching with my young sons. And what about the fact that the Super Bowl is hosting The Who, whose guitarist, Peter Townsend was charged as a sexual offender in the UK as the half-time show?? You don't hear these feminist groups speaking out against this??

Most recently a dating site for bisexual men has come out with an ad which was rejected by CBS [links to video&CBS rejection letter]. This is causing people to cry out in protest against CBS and the Super Bowl because they think the ad was rejected based on political and/or personal bias. However, according to a letter issued by CBS to the dating site clearly stated the ad was rejected because the company had a questionable credit status (indicating they were weary of receiving payment for the ad), which Super Bowl ads start around $2 million dollars!

As someone who is not a big sports fan, I would probably not watch the Super Bowl game, but because of this ad I am looking forward to it! So far, the so called feminists groups have been unable to have the ad censored by CBS. It looks like free speech and the will of the people who donated to have this ad spot will prevail.

Help join the cause and show your support for family and life:
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