Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hootsuite&Top Tweets for the Week-Are You One?

I've recently started tweeting with Hootsuite again after trying it about a year ago. I find it very useful after trying several twitter desktop apps such as Tweetdeck, Seesmic, Mixero, Twhirl and others, but have found Hootsuite to be the most useful and comprehensive. Through Hootsuite you can schedule tweets, save drafts of tweets to send later, and send and schedule feeds to post on twitter. I have been searching far and wide for one desktop app that does it all and so far this is the one for me. Hootsuite also has a web based application with all the same features.

However, there are still a few features I hope Hootsuite plans to add, such as tweet shrink, so that you can autoshrink the text or url's to fit within the 140 character limit on twitter. I'd also like the ability to use other url shorteners and still be able to track statistics, as I have recently learned that the .ly shortner is a Libyian domain subject to Sharia compliance! YIKES! If Hootsuite is unable to provide this option I hope that some of the other application creators will add the features Hootsuite uses,such as the rss aggregation and stats.

Another great feature Hootsuite offers is the ability to track your tweet stats, allowing users to see which tweets are most popular and how many people clicked your links and what sites/sources referred them. This is important to determine which tweets are meeting the needs of your twitter following and helps you to learn if you are wasting your time or not. Recently, Hootsuite added lists and the ability to save draft tweets. Hootsuite also allows for multiple twitter accounts, including posting via and offers a bookmarklet through owly called the Hootlet. However, owly also uses the .ly url shortner. Almost all of the other features that Seesmic, Tweetdeck and Mixero offer are available in Hootsuite. But, Hootsuite also offers the ability to 'quote' tweets when you RT them, allowing you to append the message with your comments rather than the 'new' retweet method, which I do not like. 

What is your preferred twitter application or tool? Please share in the comments.

Below is a summary of the top ten tweets of the week which I have tweeted or retweeted, did your tweet make the list?:

1. Sex #Valentine cards by #PlannedParenthood feat. condoms-genitalia- #tcot #life #teens #parents
2. #news RT ConservativFeed: NYT Shows Obama's Favorability, Approval Plummeting, Yet Stresses 'Edge Over G.O.P....
3. #news RT GOPBriefingRoom: Sources: WH negotiating with Hill on 9/11 trials
4. #news RT GOPBriefingRoom: Quayle son to run for Congress
5. #news RT AsAMomOrg: NewsCap: The Obama Retirement Trap Has Started
6. #news RT mattklewis: BREAKING: More than 15,000 people signed the Mt. Vernon Statement in the last 24 hrs! w...
7. #kids Man escapes burning home; girlfriend, 2 kids die
8. #news RT freedom4USA: US:#tcot #news US confirms immigration talks with Cuba: Washington, Feb 18 (IANS/EFE) T...
9. #news RT BreitbartTV: Video: Alpharetta Man Charged with Molestation: An Alpharetta man was charged with unla...
10. #kids 60 years of Frisbee fun - Walter Frederick Morrison, the man who invented the Frisbee, has died. He ...

You can learn more about the .ly Libya issue here:
The Jewish Problem by Naomi Litvin

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