Friday, April 16, 2010

After months of bullying-another student ends up in hospital

What is it with kids these days? There is so much violence and disregard for others it is frightening, and many instances have lead to violent acts of bullying leading to suicide, gang rapes, and even murder.  Here's a recent story out of Massachuessettes, where recently Phoebe Prince was bullied so frequently and so viciously she finally took her own life last month.  The recent bullying incidents appear to occur in the tween and teen years, but can happen at any stage of childhood. 

While bullying isn't a new problem, it has become a worse problem or more reported problem. I had a friend who suffered bullying back in fifth grade; but thankfully it was not as violent and vicious as the attacks of today's bullies. Regardless, it was wrong and any form of bullying needs to be reported immediately and handled sternly by parents and authorities. We must be proactive and involved to make sure we 'nip these incidents in the bud' before our child is the next victim of a bully, but also to make our children aware that bullying is wrong and has consequences.  This family is lucky, they were able to get their daughter to talk and they finally witnessed the bullying firsthand via a phone call their daughter received, she will now stay in the hospital for emotional distress and until the school can guarantee her safe return to through an adequate safety plan:
FOXBORO (FOX 25 / - It seems like every night on the news, there's another bullying story. After we air those stories, we get so many e-mails from parents who are concerned about their kids who are getting bullied.

A Foxboro mother has spent the past four days going back and forth to the hospital to visit her eighth grade daughter who is there for emotional distress after months and months of bullying.

Police are now looking at this as a criminal harassment investigation...
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