Monday, August 30, 2010

CA:Chelsea's Law Passes:Life sentences for violent sex offenders against children under 14

This law is a great step in fighting child predators. However, I think they should take it further and extend it to children up to age 17 and any adult who is violated or murdered by a sex offender. There are just too many cases of these people getting out in five,ten or fifteen years. They do not change and are not rehabilitative. I believe in Poland, they have gone as far as castrating male sex offenders. I don't know how successful this has been,but rather than going to this extreme why not keep them locked up for life?? Of course if they kill someone death row should not be ruled out. Although, I do not believe in the length of time most murderers end up on death row.

Overall, this law should be extended internationally. Other countries should be as hard on sexual criminals as we are and sometimes are even tougher.


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Legislature Unanimously Passes Chelsea's Law

Monday, the California State Assembly passed Chelsea's Law unanimously, 72-0. Chelsea's Law calls for mandatory life sentences for violent sex crimes against children under the age of 14.  The law was created in the aftermath of the awful rape and murder of two San Diego teenagers. 

The legislation is named after Poway teenager Chelsea King. She was raped and murdered in February by John Albert Gardner. 

The bill now has to be passed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger, who has said he will sign the bill into state law. 


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