Saturday, August 07, 2010

Islam:18yro Afghan woman mutilated by Taliban to receive reconstructive surgery in the US

This is one of the reasons our military continues to fight in Afghanistan,but also because our country was attacked on September 11, 2001 by terrorists from Al Queda who are also in Afghanistan.

The so called religion of peace is very intolerant and oppresses women. The brutality done to their own people, women and children is disturbing, all in the name of Islam & 'shariah law'. The US needs to be careful of its tolerance to such a religion and culture that practices such barbaric forms of punishment.

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Surgery for Afghan woman mutilated by Taleban

The controversial August 9 issue of Time. Photo / AP

A mutilated Afghan woman who ignited controversy by appearing on the cover of Time magazine is to undergo surgery in the US to rebuild her face.

AFP reported the 18-year-old, identified only as Aisha, would meet with surgeons to discuss options for replacing her nose, which was cut off by the Taleban after she fled her abusive in-laws.

Her ears were also sliced off in the 2009 attack. She was then taken in by the American Provincial Reconstruction Team for Oruzgan and non-governmental organisation Women for Afghan Women (WAW) after being left for dead.

The Grossman Burn Foundation, a non-profit hospital in California which provides surgery to victims of serious injuries from around the globe, told AFP Aisha would be treated for free.

"The Grossman Burn Foundation is covering additional cost related to Bibi Aisha."

Aisha became a symbol of the US mission in Afghanistan, with Time arguing that the teenager's case demonstrated why the Taleban should never be allowed to return to power.


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