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Christian persecution on the rise in the US??Minister arrested in TX for sharing the word of God!!

This is getting ridiculous, what happened to free speech in America? It's not like he was selling anything! When did sharing the word of God become illegal and require a business license? This is as bad as the case in Oregon where they wanted the 7 or 8yr old girl to get a business license to sell lemonade!! She would have been lucky to make enough money to cover the cost of the $120 business license![see:Aug 4, 2010 ... Failing to get a $120 temporary restaurant license. ... While Fife said she does see the need for some food safety regulation, ... I know that when I buy lemonade (or fresh-picked berries, or cookies) from the kids ... rights (like the Health Care Reform Bill Speaker Pelosi famously told us we would ... ]

Something similar happened recently in Michigan I believe where Christians were arrested for sharing the word of God outside of an ethics festival, in which Muslim's also attended.

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Yesterday I found out friends of mine had been detained and cited for sharing the gospel in Dearborn, Michigan. I’ve shared some meals with Nabeel Qureshi, and I spoke at an apologetics conference he organized. I’ve had some shorter conversations with David Wood, who was also taken away from there in handcuffs. David has been featured and has commented on this blog. (I do not know Negeen and Paul Rezkalla, who were also detained.)

I haven’t spoken with them yet, so I’m trying to sort it all out from news sources and from testimony on their blog.

They tell us here they handed out no printed materials, they approached no one, they spoke only with people who approached them. They went out of their way to avoid even the appearance of being disruptive. I’ve seen no evidence in other news sources to contradict any of this. They had “amicable” conversations and “made friends” with many there. The police took them away just as they were closing up another such amicable discussion. They told the officers they had video to show they had done nothing provocative, and asked them to sit down and watch it with them, but the police refused to look at the evidence.

It’s important to note that this was not a Muslim festival. It was not a religious event. It was an ethnic festival,


I hope we don't see more of this happening anywhere else in the United States, land of the free??

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Alamo City, Texas makes it a crime to share the Word in public- Christian News- Persecution

Alamo City, Texas prevents Public Speaking

This week, has reported on an erosion of Freedom of Religion in the most unlikely of places, Texas, USA. Jose Muniz was in the public square, so to speak, reading the bible out loud. Alamo City, San Antonio Police responded to the Word being read in public by placing Jose Muniz in jail for 16 hours.

After he was released, the Alamo City, San Antonio police cited Jose Muniz for “peddling without a license”. If we follow this logic, then the moment you open your mouth to share the good news of Christ to someone in a ‘public’ venue, you will be arrested for not having a sales license. What government office issues these permits to ‘sell’ God? Here is an excerpt from the startling story.

Christians Persecuted By Police For Sharing Christ On American Streets

“This is America. No citizen should be threatened for engaging in free speech in public,” said Kelly Shackelford, the President and CEO of Liberty Institute. “This was a flagrant violation of the Constitution.” The charges were eventually dropped for Leibovitz, but this is not an isolated case of Christian persecution in this historically Catholic city.


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