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Update:Islamization of School Children-Separation of Church and State but not Islam and Mosque from State?

The video I shared yesterday [Islamization of American School Children Video Evidence From A US Public School! ] regarding the Massachusetts school children taken on a field trip to a mosque and forced to pray to Allah was appalling. Author,lawyer and expert columnist on terrorism, Islam and Jewish issues, Debbie Schlussel elaborates on the story further after having direct knowledge from one of the upset parents and the producer of the video.

As Debbie says, apparently there is only separation of church and state in this country;with Islam it is the exception; while Christianity, Judaism and other religions are being swept aside in our society and in our textbooks. The separation of Mosque and state and Islam have become the new wave of tolerance and diversity education known as multiculturalism in many schools, which instead should be left out completely as we focus on what children really need to be learning about reading, writing, math and the true history of our country, including the Constitution, about our founders and what makes America so great!

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One of my coolest friends from college–a handsome former pro athlete and very funny guy–is a parent of kids who attended Wellesley Middle School, the school that made kids pray as Muslims on a trip to a mosque, the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, in May.  We spoke yesterday, and he sent me this BS “apology” letter that was sent to parents by the Wellesley Public Schools Superintendent Bella Wong.  This guy, my friend, is the ideal of “Mr. All-American,” and needless to say, he’s not too happy about this very UN-American incident, as is the case with most sane parents.


But as I always say–and have been saying for more than a decade, there is only a separation of Church and State in America, NOT Mosque and State.  In the case of Islam, anything goes. 

And if the teachers claim they didn’t know better, they are far too stupid to be teaching children.  Watch the video, and read the letter linked above.  These kids are BEING PROSELYTIZED and propagandized for ISLAM.  I repeat:  they knew better, knew it was wrong to make kids do this, and they’d never do it at a church or synagogue.  But for Islam, anything goes.  If it were 1940, would they have these kids practice a “Sig Heil” salute to Hitler and the Reich?  Same difference.  Except the teachers were smarter in those days, they actually taught instead of taking kids on mindless, useless multi-cultural field trips, and they (most of them) actually were patriotic to America.  None of that is the case, today.

America has Stockholm Syndrome cancer.  We keep sympathizing with those who murdered 3,000 Americans on one day, who try to blow up planes with underwear, and mass-murder a dozen soldiers at an Army base on behalf of Islam.  And our sympathy keeps growing and spreading, as do the number of Muslims in our population.

If you know anything about Wellesley, Massachusetts, you know that it’s a WASPy, blue-blood place with some families that have been in America since the beginning.  Methinks these kids’ ancestors are turning over in their graves.  Some fought in the Revolutionary War for independence from British colonialism.  Now their descendants’ teachers are pimping the progeny on Islamic colonialism.  Sickening.

Kudos to another Boston-area long-time friend, Dr. Charles Jacobs, founder and head of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, who publicized this and produced the video with the footage. Dr. Jacobs has been a lifelong educator on the perils of Islam who, almost singlehandedly, put the issue of persecution of Black Christians by Muslim in Sudan to the attention of the American people, well before 9/11. 

One other thing:  why the heck are kids in middle school being taken to religious houses of worship?  Why aren’t they, instead, being taught reading, writing, and arithmetic?  This focus on multi-cultural BS, at the expense of the basic educational skills needed to function in American society, is why America continues to be dumbed down–why we continue to turn out dummies from America’s publick skoolz.


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