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Cape Arges:Mom arrested after ‘stolen’ baby found dead #parents #kids #childabuse

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Mom arrested after ‘stolen’ baby found dead

POLICE have hailed Khayelitsha residents for being instrumental in helping them to solve the mystery of a six-week-old boy’s disappearance and leading them to the baby’s body.

The discovery has led to the arrest of Simamkele Baleni’s mother, Odwa Baleni, 18.

Following up on tip-offs from residents of Green Point informal settlement, police found the baby’s body under sheets of corrugated iron between shacks last night.

The discovery followed a search that began after Baleni reported that her son had been kidnapped at Khayelitsha Day Hospital on Monday. She told police and the media that a woman had offered to hold Simamkele while she used the toilet, but when she emerged, the woman and baby were gone.

Baleni, of Khayelitsha’s Site B, gave police a full description of the woman she said had taken her son.

The security cameras at the hospital had not been working, so police had been unable to study footage that could have helped them to track a suspected kidnapper.

An identikit of the suspect was released to the media yesterday, and Baleni was interviewed by newspapers, radio stations and TV reporters throughout the day.

But the young mother’s heartbreaking pleas for her son’s safe return caught the attention of Green Point residents, who called the police to say they had seen Baleni in their area on Monday – a fair distance from the hospital.

Captain Anneke van der Vyfer said: “Some residents in the area said they saw her with the baby in Green Point and then saw her again, without the baby.”

Police searched the area, and found Simamkele’s body.

Van der Vyfer said an autopsy would be conducted to determine how the baby had died. “A case like this shows the importance of having the community and the media’s co-operation,” she said.

Via @littlebytesnews Cape Arges:Mom arrested after 'stolen' baby found dead

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