Monday, October 18, 2010

Mobile Apps for Moms,Dads, Kids On-The Go!! #parents #kids #activities #education

Check out this great iPhone App for your child's fun&edutainment on the go! Great for long waits at doctors offices or long or short drives on the go!

Our newest contributors to Little Bytes News parenting resource are Sherry&Wendy, former pre-school teachers who have a bunch of neat ideas, songs and activities to share with your kids. So click to read more and get moving and shaking with this great activity!

If you'd like to become a contributor to Little Bytes News parenting resource site, sign up for an account and start submitting your content, activities, parenting/family related articles and childhood stories/memories!!

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Posted on Monday, October 11 @ 08:00:00 EDT by editor05

There’s a new “mama’s little helper” in town. 

It’s mobile apps!

These mobile apps are making life a little bit easier for parents.

Parents can now experience the bliss of being able to eat meals at restaurants or take a much-needed break from 24-hour parenting.

And, parents have no need to feel guilty because these mobile apps not only help by entertaining a child, but also educate them in fun and interactive ways 

 “Juggling work and family life is hard,” said Sherry Segal & Wendy Wiseman, Co-Presidents of Kiboomu. “We think a lot of parents can find themselves in badly need of something to distract their child.   Something that’ll buy them a few minutes of patience under many different circumstances. Our iPhone apps do just that.”

“We’re really proud of our Piano app series.  They keep children entertained and learning, allowing parents to go about their busy day.


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