Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Video Shows Young Child Getting #TSA [TNA ]Pat-Down!! #parents #kids #travel #optout

The invasive groping and prodding continues against children by the TSA. What happened to the policy that children under 12 were not going to be pat-down?? I continue to find stories about children getting groped&violated by TSA[or has it become TNA] agents.

Source:Video Shows Child Getting TSA Pat-Down

This is out of control;more and more people, the airlines especially, need to speak out against this. It's bad enough we have to be corralled into these lines and go through the metal detectors and occasionally pat-down if we sound off an alarm, but now this! Fox News reported earlier that the passengers are not required to be pat-down or go through the full body scanners unless they sound off an alarm while passing through the metal detector, but this is not what I have seen happening. The reports I've seen have shown the pat-downs or the full body scans as a passengers only alternative and if you refuse either you could be find up to $11,000.00. Hillary Clinton and Obama claim this is the best method to prevent another underwear bomber boarding a plane, however the underwear bomber boarded a plane overseas where they don't use these same detection methods. In addition, the PETN substance he used to make the bomb can not be detected by any of these forms of security invasion. The full body scanners, the metal detectors and the pat-downs most likely would not have detected it. The best method of preventing these terrorists from boarding our planes is to profile behavior patterns, not just whether they are showing signs of fidgeting or otherwise, but whether they have purchased only a one-way ticket with no luggage or travel frequently to terrorist countries or if they are here on a Visa.

Children should especially be exempted from any of these intrusive pat-downs and body scans, but overall these pat-downs and body scans should only be done on people who fit behavioral profiles of those who could pose a threat. It does not have to be based on religion or sex. Israel's profiling is done based primarily on behavior, from what I understand passengers aren't even required to remove their shoes! ABC News reports today that despite the TSA administrator earlier saying they would not change security procedures, that now John Pistole says he is willing to consider some changes, but what those changes might be are not clear. I hope it includes using behavior profiling, interviewing passengers& hiring trained private contractors in law enforcement and psychology who know what to look for. American citizens with their innocent children should not treated like the enemy and herded like cattle through security check points, that the DHS isn't even willing to use against illegals who bypass our borders! This is outrageous abuse of power and conflicts with protecting law abiding citizens.

DHS and the DOJ are currently suing a sovereign state, Arizona for passing SB-1070, the controversial immigration enforcement law, that would allow all law enforcement agencies to basically have the power that those authorized under DHS are able to do with 287g, ask for proof of citizenship if pulled over or caught violating a criminal act. Yet, law-abiding citizens can't board planes without giving away their right to illegal search and seizure as protected in the 4th amendment of the Constitution. This is outrageous and needs to end.

Please continue to share these stories and speak out against this behavior; for those who are willing to give up their freedoms for security will soon deserve and have neither. What this type of security is doing is giving people a false sense of security, while violating our rights, instead of addressing the real problem.

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