Thursday, November 18, 2010

NHS National call centres to handle all GP appointments #tcot #hcr #news #fail

This is what nationalized health care leads to. Getting a hold of a doctor will be that much more difficult now that you have to go through a call center. Patients will no longer get that personal touch from their doctors office staff because all calls will be rerouted to a call center so doctors office's can cut staff to help pay for NHS health care costs. What a deal? Now more people will soon be unemployed in the UK?

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National call centres to handle all GP appointments under DH-backed plans

GP patient appointments across England will be handled by national or regional call centres under radical Government-backed plans to slash £600m off NHS spending.

Under the proposals, put forward with Department of Health backing, GPs would be urged to axe their entire back-office teams, which NHS managers claim would free up massive sums to be re-invested in front-line health services but would lead to potentially tens of thousands of staff being made redundant.

They are put forward in a DH-commissioned review published today by the Foundation Trust Network, which calls for a major overhaul of NHS back-office functions, including a move for PCTs and then GP consortia to share back-office functions with other NHS bodies and private firms.


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