Sunday, November 21, 2010

Santa's Top Toy's for Kids this Year! From Walkie Talkies to Books;something for all ages! #parents #kids #christmas

What are some of your kids must have toys or books this year? My sons have been wanting walkie-talkies for awhile, but were kind of young for them. Although, they tried using the baby monitors as walkie talkies,even though only one person could actually hear the other since they are designed for one sided listening¬ conversation.

These new walkie-talkies look like they might be durable and fun for our boys;while also helping them learn conversational skills &letter recognition skills with the added texting feature. I know my sons would also love the light saber,especially my oldest who was Darth Vader for Halloween because the one we had bought him didn't light up. But, we are going to try to keep the number of toys they get limited this year, hopefully to one toy each from us and one from Santa; as many times most toys become a novelty that wears off quickly.

I'd like a new ipod with a radio for my walks, but not sure I'll get it this year. I'm still trying to figure out what else I'd like and what to get my husband, but we will try to keep our budget conservative this year. Share your list of top toys for you and the kids!

The best battery-powered toy

The best battery-powered toy was VTech's Text & Chat Walkie-Talkies.Photograph by: Screen grab,

OTTAWA — That's a big Christmas season 10-4, good buddy for Walkie-Talkies.

The toy for talkative tykes was given top honours by the Canadian Toy Testing Council, which on Friday released its 2011 list of can't miss gifts for parents looking for safe and reliable play things to put under the tree.

The top award for 2011 — given to the best battery-operated toy — was VTech's Text and Chat Walkie-Talkies, a new twist on an old favourite, according to company president Gordon Chow.

"We added a lot of features to the toy. We're now able to send little text messages between the two walkie-talkies. Games (were) built into the walkie-talkies as well," he said, noting the toy has a standard range of one kilometre and retails for about $44.99.

"It just added those extra play values for the kids to have really a lot more fun than just talking to each other."


Walkie-Talkies, Star Wars lightsaber among top toys for 2011

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