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#TSA stories from the outrageous to the humorous;Cancer survivor told to remove her prosthetic bra!&More obscene!

Your child's first TSA safety awareness book:

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Flight attendant forced to remove prosthetic bra

Click if video doesn't show:6year old groped by TSA employee...thought under 12 were not supposed to be pat-down??

One moms horrifying experience with the TSA:

TSA - Sexual Assault

The TSA agent took all of my belongings over to the table in the center of the explosive screening tables. She asked me, “Are you aware of the NEW policies for carrying liquids through security that were instated 4 years ago?” (capitalized to show the emphasis that she placed on that word.)

I replied, “Yes, I fly with him every several weeks.”

She scanned the formula, then turned to me and said, “Remove your shoes and stand on that black mat for a patdown.”

I said, “OK, what do I do with the baby?”

“You cannot be holding him.” (I am traveling alone.)

So I placed him into his stroller. She instructed me, “Spread your feet apart and hold your arms out to the side.” I obliged.

She patted my left arm, my right arm, my upper back and my lower back. She then said, “I need to reach in and feel along the inside of your waistband.”

She felt along my waistline, moved behind me, then proceeded to feel both of my buttocks. She reached from behind in the middle of my buttocks towards my vagina area.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my buttocks, or reach forward to my vagina area.

She then moved in front of my and touched the top and underneath portions of both of my breasts.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my breasts.

She then felt around my waist. She then moved to the bottoms of my legs.

She then felt my inner thighs and my vagina area, touching both of my labia.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my vagina area or my labia.

She then told me that I could put my shoes on and I asked if I could pick up the baby, she replied Yes.

She then moved back to my belongings to finish scanning them with the paper discs for explosives. When she finished she said I was free to go.

I stood there holding my baby in shock. I did not move for almost a minute.

I stood there, an American citizen, a mom traveling with a baby with special needs formula, sexually assaulted by a government official. I began shaking and felt completely violated, abused and assaulted by the TSA agent. I shook for several hours, and woke up the next day shaking.

Here is why I was sexually assaulted. She never told me the new body search policy. She never told me that she was going to touch my private parts. She never told me when or where she was going to touch me. She did not inform me that a private screening was available. She did not inform me of my rights that were a part of these new enhanced patdown procedures.

When I booked my ticket, I was given no information that the TSA had changed their wand and unintrusive patdown procedures to “enhanced” patdown procedures that involved the touching of all parts of your body, including breasts and vagina on women and testicles and penis on men. I was not informed by any signs on the front side of security about the new procedures. I had not seen any media coverage about the issue, so I had no idea that this was a new government sanctioned policy.

Another important piece in this story, the Dayton airport does not have the new body scanners. I was not given any other search options. It was enhanced patdown, or nothing. (And I would have opted for the body scanner, if I were going to be subject to a sexual assault.)

I asked to speak to a supervisor immediately. I had a very unpleasant conversation with him that lasted 20 minutes. I moved to the back of the security area, made a few phone calls, including to my lawyer. He did some quick research, and learned that I had indeed been sexually assaulted because she did not follow the SOP (standard operating procedure) for the new search.

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Cancer surviving flight attendant told to remove prosthetic bra during aggressive TSA pat-down!

The latest outrage and big story of the week has been the new enhanced screening techniques that have been implemented by the TSA at national airports. These intrusive new screening techniques require everyone to either get a full body scan with potentially harmful exposure to radiation;while allowing the TSA agents in an another room to view virtually nude pictures of passengers;which are supposed to be deleted but have been found saved in some cases&posted online, or if you choose not to do the body scanner you are left with no other choice but to go through a full body pat-down, which violates a persons entire body while allowing a TSA agent/complete stranger to grope you on your most private areas. Some have described the groping as sexual assault by a stranger because they are authorized to touch breasts&feel around them on women;along with grope&feel men,women and children over age 12 in private areas that only you, your spouse or a doctor are allowed to touch! Some airports are considering private contractors to do the screenings,but this still doesn't eliminate the intrusive process because private contractors are required to follow the federal screening procedures that the TSA uses.

The most recent outrage is this story of a flight attendant who survived cancer being forced to remove her prosthetic bra. Flight attendant's fly quite often obviously, along with pilots;putting them through continuous body scans with radiation and intrusive pat downs is ineffective and inefficient. Several airline unions have complained about this while some pilots are suing because they feel they're rights are being violated. Recently, Fox News reported that the TSA is considering waiving or altering the requirements for Pilots;I am not sure if this includes Flight Attendants, but the bottom line is that this method needs to be done away with and other more reasonable methods need to be used. Several passengers are also filing recent lawsuits.

As you can see from the variety of never-ending stories, links, pictures and videos below there are many outrageous stories&humorous ways to look at it, but all indicate that the majority of American's are opposed to the new screening techniques and feel their 4th Amendment rights are being violated. Others consider this a loss to the terrorists;by allowing the terrorists to take our freedoms away while touching us in private places.


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