Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Update:Video-Woman says #TSA singled her out for screening&man says his testicles were 'grabbed' causing his pants to fall down during pat down! #tcot #news

The TSA horror stories continue day after day...last night I shared that these scanning procedures and enhanced pat-downs are coming to a local bus stop,train station or mall near you.

Sexual harassment has now become a big problem with the new screening methods.

On twitter yesterday, one of my twitter followers mentioned this tweet:

@pamelagorman: My friend witnessed TSA guys giggling and then directing an entire high school girls sports team to go thru the strip scanner. Scum.

Below Eliana Sutherland of Maryland recalls her experience of sexual harassment by TSA agents:

One thing bothering many people is they don't believe these sometimes humiliating security procedures will really stop determined, wily terrorists -- or they don't trust the TSA workers to keep this from becoming sexual or personal.

Eliana Sutherland, a Maryland woman, said she saw male TSA screeners eyeing her and talking about her, then picking her out for the full-body scanning.

"Women know how it feels when somebody -- you know -- there is the innocent look and there is that 'let's send her through security,'" Sutherland said.

Does Sutherland feel the agents were taking advantage of their position?

"Those guards, yes," Sutherland said. "I don't want to generalize but yes those guards were."

Men, too, have had humiliating moments.

Harry Liebowitz always sets off the metal detectors because of a metal femur and other artificial parts in his body. Yet, the other day he was picked for a pat down that ended horribly.

"And when he got to the lower body, they grab your leg like this and he pulled," Liebowitz said. "And my pants came right down around my ankles...right there in full view of everybody in the airport."

People were laughing at him and he was left shaking all over at treatment he labels "embarassing" and "rude."

"I mean, to pull my pants down in public, to grab my testicles in public; I'm sorry, there has to be rules," he said.

In the meantime, there's now talk of putting the full-body scanners at train and subway stations -- and even courthouses.


Another twitter friend shared more on this incident this morning:@yidwithlid: @littlebytesnews Woman Claims TSA Chose Her For Extra Screening Because of Her Big Breasts

Another one of my twitter followers, shared this outrageous news today regarding the new TSA screening requirements:

@VRWCTexan: @littlebytesnews OUTRAGEOUS > Opting Out w/ TSA Screening will get You placed on "Domestic Extremist" List

TSA complaints and problems aren't new, but they are growing with the new security requirements. Although, the latest news reports say there have not yet been any serious delays due to protesting passengers who choose to opt out for National opt-out day. Are you flying this Thanksgiving weekend or are you choosing to drive or take other transportation to avoid the new security measures?

Thank God we are not flying and have no plans to fly in the next year or two. This Thanksgiving, I am even more thankful to have my immediate family living in driving distance. I feel bad for those who have no choice but to fly and are left to give up their personal privacy granted them under our Constitution.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Despite the nonsense going on in the world, I hope you stay safe and manage to have a joyful Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends!

via @freedom4USA: Next step for body scanners could be trains, boats, metro
freedom4USA: TSA Blasts Planned Boycott of Body Scanners on Thanksgiving Eve as 'Irresponsible'

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