Saturday, December 04, 2010

Parent Alert:Creepy Barbie for pedophiles or just another toy?? #parents #kids #safety #abuse

According to a leaked FBI alert distributed to the media, the FBI is warning investigators to search for evidence on the Video Girl Barbies, which hold up to 30 minutes of video footage which can then be uploaded to a computer. The FBI warns these dolls could be used by potential pedophiles to lure children or videotape children without their knowledge and then put the video online or share it with others. While the FBI says there have not been any reported incidence of the doll being used in this manner, there is a high potential of pedophiles using it as a tool for child pornography or abuse. Here is more on this report from CNN and a video which displays the doll and it's features:

According to CNN:

The doll's camera can capture 30 minutes of footage, and the video can be downloaded and streamed live to a computer, but there is no indication it can be streamed directly to the Internet, the FBI alert said.

The notice is written for law agencies only, but someone at the FBI mistakenly sent it to media outlets in Seattle, said Dupre of the FBI's Sacramento, California, office, which distributed the notice.
So while you are out looking to get the next hot toy for your granddaughters or little girls this year, make sure you keep this in mind when purchasing one for your loved one.

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